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Meals & Breaks

Mealtimes and breaks are split throughout the day as follows :

Our breakfast club for children who start between 07:30am and 8.45am serves a selection of cereals, toast and fruit or alternatively parents can bring a breakfast of their choice for us to offer.

Mid morning snack : Fresh fruit and vegetables and either milk, water or juice are offered.

Lunch time : Healthy packed lunch or pre prepared meal.

Afternoon snack time : Fresh fruit and vegetables and a drink of water, milk or juice.

We encourage all our children to drink often and fresh drinking water is available in each class all the time. Research has shown that children who have access to water and drink fluids often are more alert and often more healthy.

Hot evening meal. Served to children who attend from 4.30- 6pm. This meal is optional. We have a weekly menu for parents and carers to view. All our meals are cooked with the highest quality, fresh ingredients which incorporate plenty of fresh  fruit and vegetables each day. Our meat/ poultry is sourced from local butchers and our fruit is sourced daily from Pro Fruit, Fruit and Veg Shop in Bridlington. Parents are welcome to sample our meals on request and a copy of the weekly menu is also available on request at the start of each week. We also cater for vegetarian/cultural/ dietary preferences in meals on request  and in advance.